About Grand Cru

One of the brightest stars in the Wilmington Culinary Constellation is Grand Cru Food & Wine. An authentic pleasure to please any palate specializing in pairing exceptional wines with small plate gastronomic treats prepared and designed by our chef, one of Wilmington’s favorite culinary artists. Grand Cru, a Wilmington restaurant & wine bar, focuses on the shared experience.  From listening to live music while enjoying creative tapas, charcuterie and small plate menu offerings, to exploring the extensive wine, champagne and by-the-glass wine pairings, Grand Cru embodies the social connection.  What better way to share time with friends, family, or a special someone.  What better venue to meet for a drink after work, share a unique dining experience or enjoy a fresh cocktail and dessert.  Grand Cru is “your” community destination.

Chef Joseph Heskin

We would like to officially welcome Executive Chef Joseph Heskin to the Cru Team!

We are excited to share his story! He hails from New York, and made his way through Denver Colorado here to Wilmington!

It was there in the "big apple," that he began working at the early age of 16, waiting tables in restaurants. 

He began cooking before he was tall enough to reach the stove!  He has wonderful memories of his mom pulling up a chair to the stove for him, and helping her break out the ravioli into pieces.  From the beginning, he was always trying to be in the kitchen!

 He shares how "he stepped away for about a year, and realized his true passion was food." Once back, he received his diploma from the French Culinary Institute in New York with extensive study and practical training in Classical French cuisine, which inspired him to focus on "using the natural items and local ingredients." That is what he shares that he loves about Wilmington-fresh seafood, local goodness.

His flavor profiles are simple and intense.  He unites his flavor profiles combining the complex with the unique and sophisticated!   Put simply, you have to taste and see!

Plan to stop by and meet Chef Joseph, enjoy his offerings, and leave with a happy tummy and those sweet southern words, "See y'all again real soon!"

Wilmington Wine Bar and Restaurant

Grand Cru is a local boutique restaurant and wine bar located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Grand Cru offers seasonal menus, an extensive array of wine selections, hand crafted cocktails and live music. Grand Cru is located in Lumina Station at 1904 Eastwood Rd., Suite 109 in Wilmington, North Carolina.