Grand Cru Wilmington

Grand Cru Wilmington is an experience not to be missed. Our warm, inviting atmosphere combined with our personalized service will provide you with a relaxing ambiance you won’t soon want to leave. Just a glance at our food menu is sure to captivate even the pickiest of palates! Cured meats, global cheeses, and appetizing small plates are sure to perfectly compliment any varietal from our extensive wine list. Meaning “great growth” in French, Grand Cru has long been a way to describe the best of the best in wines and vineyards. Grand Cru Food & Wine embodies that usage in being one of the best of the best in area restaurants and one poised for great growth. As the author of “Inventing Wine” Paul Lukacks, reminds us: “Nothing represents the idea of convivial sharing so clearly as wine.” If you are searching for Wilmington at its finest, Grand Cru Food and Wine is your destination. Come for the Grand Cru, stay for the Grand Cru…

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Wilmington Wine Bar and Restaurant

Grand Cru is a local boutique restaurant and wine bar located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Grand Cru offers seasonal menus, an extensive array of wine selections, hand crafted cocktails and live music. Grand Cru is located in Lumina Station at 1904 Eastwood Rd., Suite 109 in Wilmington, North Carolina.